Places Of Interest

The Santurario Nuestra Senora De La Esperanza.

There is a lovely church set into the side of the rock face and overlooks the Rio Segura where on the riverbank you can sit and relax or even barbecue on one of the built in barbecues or just take a picnic and take in and enjoy this special place which is less than 10 minutes Drive away from The Olive Grove Retreat.

Close to the Santurario their is also a restaurant.

Throughout the year their are many celebrations take place at the santurario were families and individuals come together, find out more about Calasparra CLICK HERE

Caravaca de la Cruz Church.

Caravaca de la Cruz is a town located on the border of Murcia and Granada. The Iberians, Romans and Muslims all passed through this town, which has developed around its Castle, built in the 15th century and commissioned by the Knights Templar. However, Caravaca is essentially the holy town, the town of the cross that carries its name. According to legend, in 1232 the Moorish King Abu Zeid was converted to Christianity when he saw how two angels brought a cross down from heaven to a priest held prisoner in the castle in order for him to give mass. This legend led to the construction, as from 1617 and on the site of the fortress itself, of the main monument of this town in the north-east of Murcia, the Chapel of La Vera Cruz. The most important feature of this building is its luxurious façade, made from red marble excavated in Cehegín and which offers a complete exaltation to the Holy Cross, only 30 minutes drive away from The Olive Grove Retreat. to find out more about Caravaca de la Cruz CLICK HERE