Recently we arranged a Gospel Karaoke Night at a local restaurant in Calasparra and it was a great
success! ‘Disco’ Dave Waring was on top form and people sung along with the Gospel songs.
Our dear friend Peter Smith came with his guitar and sung well known Christian songs. Peter lives
some 80 kilometres away and comes to our services in the wooden chapel when he can, and sings
uplifting songs.
Several people were clearly moved by the evening and asked for a repeat! Our next venture is to
meet young Spaniards in a local hostelry where they congregate, and offer midweek evangelical
meetings there. They understand English so we can play Christian songs in English such as Hillside
Worship and others, which will really lift the roof (we’d better warn the owner to check his
insurance policy!)
We have a friend whose sister is married to a Spanish man and they live in Madrid. They are
emotionally drained as the husband has been diagnosed with cancer and is going through tests and then treatment.
 They are coming to the Retreat for some quiet time and we look forward to their visit.